Team Doug Weekly Round-Up: October 21, 2016

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Team Doug Weekly Round-Up

It was an exciting week for the campaign, as Doug Burgum outlined his Main Street Initiative that will create jobs and help communities across North Dakota attract and retain a strong workforce.  Doug also spoke with Scott Hennen, Rob Port, Joel Heitkamp and Chris Berg’s about issues facing North Dakota.

Finally, with the Vikings playing the Eagles on Sunday, Doug praised Carson Wentz for being an inspirational figure for our state.

– Team Doug 

Doug Burgum released an ad on his Main Street Initiative that will create vibrant downtowns, attract a strong workforce, and keep our children and grandchildren in North Dakota. As KFGO-AM reports: “Republican governor candidate Doug Burgum is releasing his second television advertisement of the general election campaign. The statewide ad focuses on Burgum’s Main Street Initiative aimed at rebuilding downtowns across North Dakota to keep and attract workers.”

  • Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford also penned an op-ed for the Fargo Forum outlining how the Main Street Initiative will help rebuild communities across North Dakota. “I’m passionate about this initiative because, as mayor of Watford City, I’ve seen how implementing pro-growth economic policies have revitalized our own main street — benefitting both small businesses and individuals alike. Many other towns have shared that same success, and with the Main Street Initiative we hope to spread the proven ideas that are empowering communities throughout our state. Our Main Street Initiative for North Dakota is built on a foundation of respect for the past, gratitude for the present, and inspiration for the future. As a mayor, I understand that every town faces different challenges, and there is no top-down, one-size-fits-all solution to economic success.”
  • Say Anything Blog reports that Burgum’s plan accurately describes the cost of expanding infrastructure that is associated with sprawling developments. “When Burgum talks about the tax burdens associated expanded infrastructure serving sprawling development, he’s not wrong. Every additional mile of road surface, every new square mile of housing and commercial development, is area that has to be served by snowplows and sewer and police/fire protection. Those things cost money.”
  • Finally, to read more about Doug and Brent’s Main Street Initiative visit our website!  
Doug Burgum also spoke to the St. Paul Pioneer Press about how Carson Wentz is an inspiration to what North Dakotans can do. “‘North Dakotans think of themselves as humble, hardworking people who have overcome long odds,’ said Burgum, a former NDSU cheerleader and self-made billionaire who literally bet the family farm to start his own software company in the early 1980s. ‘It’s been 127 years since we achieved statehood and people are still in touch with their immigrant grandparents and pioneering on the prairie. When Carson Wentz, who was a skinny freshman like all of us were, goes from the Bison to the pros, and then becomes a starting quarterback with immediate success, it’s a dream come true. And to do it the way he has, with so much class and presence and ability,’ Burgum continued, ‘he’s an inspiration to see what North Dakotans can do.’”

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Doug Burgum grew up in Arthur, North Dakota and graduated from North Dakota State University.  Doug literally bet the family farm on a software startup company that hired thousands of North Dakotans from over 220 North Dakota communities.  Doug is a business leader and political outsider who will bring new ideas and a fresh perspective that will transform North Dakota’s economy for the future.





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