Team Doug Weekly Round-Up: November 4, 2016

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Team Doug Weekly Round-Up




With less than 4 days away until Election Day, Team Doug is taking nothing for granted. Earlier this week, we released our final ad, Doug held a rally in Grand Forks and met with voters in Jamestown.

If you want to help with our GOTV efforts, contact Lucas Paper with the North Dakota GOP – – to get signed up.  

Finally, don’t forget you’re invited to our Election Night Party at the Sanctuary Events Center in Fargo and doors open at 7:00 PM. 

News From The Trail … 

In our closing ad, Kathryn reminds voters of Doug’s passion for North Dakota and how he wants to create jobs and revitalize communities across the state. As the Bismarck Tribune reports: “Doug Burgum is featuring his fiancee in his final TV ad of the North Dakota governor campaign. Kathryn Helgaas opens the Republican’s 30-second spot by saying that she and Burgum love North Dakota and he is running for governor ‘for all the right reasons.’ It closes with Burgum talking about revitalizing communities, streamlining government, creating jobs and balancing the budget without raising taxes.”

During his rally in Grand Forks, Doug said that he’s not taking anything for granted.  As WDAZ reports: “Doug Burgum, the Republican candidate for governor, says he’s not he’s taking any chances even though he is the heavy favorite based on North Dakota’s greatly Republican history.”

After offering a new vision for North Dakota, the Fargo Forum endorsed Doug Burgum saying that he’s the right man at the right time. “Fargo entrepreneur Doug Burgum, who shocked the comfortable Republican establishment by winning a primary landslide over the party’s endorsed candidate, will bring new ideas and a fresh vision to the North Dakota governor’s office. He’s the right choice to usher in an era of change and innovation that can strengthen and diversify the state’s economy and modernize the way state government meets its mandates. … He’s the right man at the right time. He has an agenda that is as exciting as it is evolutionary. North Dakotans should make him their new governor.”

Doug also said that he’s open to a discussion about expanding Medicaid, but that our healthcare system is broken due to ObamaCare. As the Grand Forks Herald reports: “Burgum said there are ‘many benefits’ to expanded Medicaid in North Dakota, such as the 20,000 people who have health insurance. But he said it’s part of a ‘larger problem.’  ‘And it’s part of a larger problem called Obamacare,’ he said before door-knocking in a Grand Forks neighborhood.  Still, Burgum signaled he was open to reauthorizing Medicaid expansion. … Burgum said the bigger challenge for North Dakota leaders will be figuring ‘out a health care system that actually works.’ ‘The role of a state should be to be a platform for innovation,’ he said. ‘The role of a state shouldn’t be to rubber-stamp federal programs that just don’t work.’”

Finally, if you want to want to watch the election results with Team Doug, we’ll be at Sanctuary Events Center in Fargo and you’re welcome to join us. “[Doug and Kathryn] will attend an election night party with family, friends, and supporters at the Sanctuary Events Center in Fargo at 7:00 PM.”

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Doug Burgum grew up in Arthur, North Dakota and graduated from North Dakota State University.  Doug literally bet the family farm on a software startup company that hired thousands of North Dakotans from over 220 North Dakota communities.  Doug is a business leader and political outsider who will bring new ideas and a fresh perspective that will transform North Dakota’s economy for the future.

















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